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No doubt that a personal history, woven between two continents – South America and Europe – is a key to the strength proceeding from Cristina’s works.


Filled, in her childhood, with Patagonia’s vastness, and the Pampas’ wilderness, Cristina introduces us into a surprising world where the human and the vegetal join together.

This arborescence is her vision of the world theatre. Skin mingles with bark, vein unites with sap, claws merge with shoots.

Life takes its own form inside the roots, the very origin of our unconscious. A tree trunk becomes a human body, the elbows of the trees become articulated, and the wood stretches like muscles.

The human, the animalistic and the vegetal constitute a fantastic natural strength which, once unified, is disturbing.

A vision, sometimes microscopic, opens the doors to a graphic universe with ink on paper and ceramics.


Cristina defines herself as an explorer of the living. An artist in the being and the making. A symbiosis between the soul and the body.

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